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Andrew is a professional tutor with over fifteen years teaching and tutoring experience. In 2005 he graduated from Leeds University with a BSc Physics, having achieved the second highest mark in the year. He received a PGCE (post graduate certificate in education) from Nottingham University in 2007. After which he completed three years teaching at the Brunts School in Mansfield, with particular success teaching GCSE and A-level. In 2011 he started tutoring part time while studying for a Masters in Nanoscience from the School of Chemistry at Nottingham University. He graduated in 2012 having achieved the highest mark in the history of the course.

Between 2012 and 2017 he worked on a PhD in Chemical Physics at the University of Nottingham. This PhD used X-ray based techniques to analyse molecules and nanostructures on surfaces. The primary goal was to investigate charge transfer between these nanostructures and various surfaces. Charge transfer is very important for solar cells and organic LEDs and this research leads to fundamental understanding of the physics behind these technologies. Part of this work used synchrotrons, which is an X-ray producing particle accelerator, at MAX-Lab IV in Lund, Sweden and Soleil in Paris. He hopes that this research will lead to developing new technologies for light flexible displays and lower cost generation of solar power.


Outside of work Andrew enjoys freemasonry, LEGO and board games, particularly chessGO.

He have also restarted my passion of warhammer 40k, painting miniatures and playing the game, see my other Instagram.

Lander Bennewith

Lander is a 2:1 Master of Science (Physics) Honours graduate at Nottingham Trent University. He has been working as an online physics tutor for the last 5 years since the start of the 4th year of his master's degree. Since then, Lander has trained as a teacher through a PGCE (postgraduate certificate of education) course at Sheffield Hallam University and subsequently obtained QTS (qualified teacher status) working at Sirius Academy North in Hull and Heritage Highschool in Derbyshire. Having nearly four years of experience in classroom teaching Physics, Mathematics, and resistant materials he considers pedagogical research as vital in developing our tutoring practice and enabling our tutees to achieve their best outcomes and university choices.


During 2018, Lander conducted his master's research on the Earth's ionosphere. He programmed and conducted a multivariate statistical analysis of how plasma formed in the Earth’s upper ionosphere using data from the European Incoherent Scatter Scientific Association Telescopes (EISCAT) located across northern Scandinavia in Svalbard, Kiruna, and Sodankylä. Plasma being electrically charged, interferes with electromagnetic waves used for all manner of telecommunications and GPS. He hopes that this research will aid in understanding the formation and movement of plasma through the ionosphere to establish and maintain more accurate and precise communication and GPS with applications from aerospace to search and rescue.

Outside of work Lander enjoys board games, warhammer 40k, and DnD.

Muqaddim Iqbal


From Muqaddim:

I am an online physics tutor. I have done a master's in physics. I have extensive experience in online tutoring and I have helped several students get A* and A. I tailor my lessons according to the student's requirements. I offer highly interactive one-on-one sessions;

KS3 science and maths
GCSE / IGCSE Physics, chemistry and maths
A level physics
IB&AP physics
Australia, USA, and Canada curriculum
Science up to grade 10
Physics up to undergrad

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Dr Andrew Gibson BSc PGCE QTS MSc PhD 
Mr Lander Bennewith MSc PGCE QTS

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