AQA A Level
Physics worksheets

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1. Measurements and their errors

2. Particles, Radiation and Quantum

Matter and Radiation

Quarks and Leptons

Quantum Phenomena

 Photoelectric Effect

3. Waves and Optics

Diffraction Grating


Waves on a string (short)

Mark Scheme

Waves on a string 2

Mark Scheme

Required practical 1 
waves on a string

Required practical 2 

4. Mechanics and Materials

Motion and SUVAT

Required practical 3
Determine of g, freefall


Work, Energy and Power

Motion Kinematics

Required practical 4
Youngs Modulus


5. Electricity

Potential Dividers

EMF internal resistance

Required practical 5

Required practical 6
EMF and internal resistance

Year 2 content

6.1 Further Mechanics

Circular Motion

Circular Motion 2

Required Practical 7


6.2 Thermal Physics

Required Practical 8
Boyle and Charles Gas Laws


7.2 Gravitational Fields

Gravitational Fields 1

Gravitational Fields 2

Orbital Motion

7.3 Electric Fields

Uniform Fields

Electric Fields MC

Electric Fields

7.4 Capacitors

Capacitor Energy

Charge and Discharge

Required practical 9


7.5 Magnetic Fields

Required practical 10
Motor effect

Required practical  11


8. Nuclear Physics

Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Energy 2

Nuclear Radius

Required practical 12
Inverse Square Gamma



Absolute Magnitude

Supernova, neutron stars and black holes

Cathode Rays 

Specific Charge Electron

Thermionic Emission

Millikan’s Oil Drop

Young and Huygens

Electron Microscopes

Special Relativity

Michelson Morley

Special Relativity 2

Length Contration

Mass and Energy

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Mr Lander Bennewith MSc PGCE QTS 
with Muqaddim Iqbal and Bisma Khalid

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