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My personal blog on physics, online education, science and skepticism blog. I write this blog to clarify my own thoughts and opinions, and summarise the available evidence. If something interests me I’ll look into it with an open mind, I review the published scientific literature and I see where the evidence takes me. My blog posts are summary of that evidence. If you have something to add please 

The Myth of Lisa Birgit Holst

Have you heard the "fact" that the average person swallows eight spiders a year in your sleep? Well, it is not true, there is no evidence that it happens and it contradicts both human and spider biology.

But even the source of the original fact is not true. This demonstrates, not only that the internet spreads false facts, but also that false sources can be created, and most people will never check.

ghost thermodynamics

Ghosts and the Laws of thermodynamics

“Ghosts are impossible since they break the laws of thermodynamics.”  

Recently a student asked me about this quote by Prof. Brain Cox, asking why it is true, so here it goes:  Nothing is ever proven in science, but some things have so much evidence supporting them that they are considered in laws; thermodynamics is one such set of laws.  There are four laws of thermodynamics and they can be described as such:

Good News, Everyone!

Worldwide improvements in education.

Things to be happy about in 2020.
Ways in which the world is becoming a better place
It’s not all bad, why the world is becoming a better place.

In this article I have focused on data concerning kids and education, to show that even during these tough time the world is becoming a better place, especially for the younger generations.


An introduction to rocket science, the Impossible EM drive and Newtons Laws

Here I will describe the basic principals of rocket science to show why the EM drive is considered impossible, and how Newtons laws can be used to explain the situation 
When I first wrote this post back in 2016 NASA’s “impossible” EM drive had received a lot of publicity, after a peer reviewed paper(1) on it was published. 

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