A sample of the feedback we have received.

Lander's Feedback

Tyler Woods (5/5): Highly Recommended

TylerWoodsTrust pilot rating

Highly recommended! Lander has helped me with all the topics in physics A-Level especially the difficult ones. Great style of teaching: very clear, insightful and engaging. I have gained more confidence when answering questions in class and Lander is always available to reach out on email for any problems/difficulties.

Cameron M (5/5): Great Tutor

Cameron_MTrust pilot rating

Lander teaches a level physics with very coherant and simple explanations on challenging topics and areas.

Rolando (5/5): Great Tutor

Trust pilot rating

Very talkative, enjoyable and hard working. Great tutor to have when times are hard to help raise your confidence and ability for success!

Andrew's Feedback


 Avi Weinreb (5/5): failing 25% up to 90%

Trust pilot rating

Before tuition with Andrew, my daughter was failing, scoring 25% in a physics test. After about 8 sessions, she scored 90% in one test, 75% in another, and most importantly she was confident again. My daughter's physics teacher was very encouraged by her progress. Thanks again Andrew for your help.


Nadia -  A level Physics 
B to A* Going to Imperial


Andrew was an amazing tutor who is clearly very experienced in offering help for physics A-level due to his in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the course. This was shown through the fact he helped bring my grade up from a B to an A* in the space of a year. Therefore, I achieved an A* in my physics A level and am going on to study at Imperial College London.


Jane C -  A level Physics and Chemistry
D to A


Physics used to be my least favourite subject and in year 12 I got a D in my exams. The only way I had passed my GCSE’s was from memorising facts rather than understanding them. Now at the end of year 13 (having achieved A*’s in physics, chemistry and biology) physics is my favourite subject. This is because Andrew helped me understand physics, meaning I wasn’t just memorising physics laws, I understood them and could therefore apply them to any question asked. He did this through clear diagrams, examples and analogies that were impossible to forget so stuck with me during exams. Understanding physics made it exciting as Andrew would tell you how the things you learn about apply to the real world making physics come alive.

Andrew also helped me with Chemistry and maths questions (statistics within biology) as well as preparing for Cambridge’s NSAA exam. When it was exam season Andrew made it clear he would try his best to accommodate any last minute physics sessions if needed, I took him up on this offer many times. Even just before going into an exam I texted him a question and I got an instant response, this last minute help made me feel a lot more confident and calm going into the exams.

Andrew is very easy to talk to and makes physics interesting. Having the tutoring online was extremely helpful, as I was able to paste questions onto the bit paper website as I came across them, so they were ready for my next session, rather than being forgotten. It also meant I could look over the past work we did together at any time from anywhere, I would often look back over work on my phone when getting the bus to school. The most valuable thing I gained from having Andrew as my tutor wasn’t just getting good grades, it was the passion for physics that I developed, for this I will be forever grateful and can’t recommend Andrew as a tutor enough.

Michelle and Joe - A level Physics
Could not have hoped for a better tutor


My daughter was tutored by Andrew throughout her A levels for physics. Andrew helped my daughter to significantly improve her overall grade alongside providing much support with both homework and tests. Andrew’s support proved invaluable during the pandemic and we are all agreed that we could not have hoped for a better tutor !

Joumana Jamour A level Physics and Maths
The best tutor we have had so far! Highly recommended.


Andrew is an amazing tutor; I was very lucky to have found him online. He helped my daughter in her A level Physics for 2 years and then went on to help my son as well in Maths. I recommended him to anyone I knew that needed an online tutor and I couldn't thank him enough for all his time, effort, knowledge and easiness of communication.

The best tutor we have had so far! Highly recommended.


Lena W Dajani: IB HL Physics
Best Tutor ever


My son benefitted greatly from Andrew's lessons and academic support throughout his 2-year IB course. He enjoyed the lessons and gained confidence in tackling complex problems in higher level physics and math classes. He was able to excel academically and consequently get an acceptance into the university of his choice. We are thankful to Andrew for helping him achieve that!

As my son embarks on a new journey academically, it is reassuring to know that he can still call on Andrew if needed in the near future.


Tom Haines - A level Physics and Maths
Excellent Tutor


Andrew was excellent. He was used as a tutor to catch up my son in A level physics after a poor teacher at his school wasted one year. Andrew caught him up and rekindled a real interest in the subject. There were no cancelled sessions, no IT difficulties - just very positive and reliable. Andrew also helped out with a bit of maths. I would highly recommend and my son would highly recommend.


Harman Sondh - GCSE and A level Maths and Chemistry 
Every lesson exciting


Andrew first tutored me for GCSE maths, where he improved my grade from level 5 to level 8 within the space of one year.

Andrew has been amazing, tutoring me for A level maths and chemistry. His enthusiasm when teaching made every lesson exciting and his explanations were clear and easy to understand. Andrew also applied problems to real life situations in order to help me get a full grasp of each topic. I am now waiting for my A level results, but as a result of Andrew’s tuition, I am confident that I have achieved the AAA grades I need.


Ian Smith: GCSE Maths and Science
From the bottom to the Top of the class


We have been really impressed with Andrew and how our son has developed under his guidance.

Our son was struggling with his Maths, he is a bright young man but Maths was not his strongest subject (he is doing his GCSE’s June 2019 and we started the tutoring at the back end of 2017).

Within only a few months our son went from being the bottom of his maths class in exam results to being the top. Some of this clearly was down to our son but a lot was also down to Andrew in expanding our son’s understanding of the subject and for our son to be able to ask questions without the fear of other students in the class ridiculing him. He gained more confidence in the subject and is now progressing well.

As his confidence grew in Maths, we asked for help with his science subjects and Andrew was only too happy to help. He mixes the tutoring now across Maths and Science.

One of the things I like about Andrew and I know our son does, is his teaching style, being tutored on-line was one thing I was a little sceptical at first but it has worked brilliantly .

Andrew has a really good and cool teaching manner; Andrew is able to relate some of the theoretical parts of the subjects to real world examples and this has helped to bring the subjects to life and has inspired our son to really want to succeed at school.


Philip Colledge: GCSE
Inspired by an excellent role model


Excellent lessons for my son, originally for Chemistry, but was happy to explain concepts in Maths and Physics. I'm sure it gave my son a better all round understanding and confidence in all subjects and await the results. Our son has been an inspired by an excellent role model and expressed a wish to do a Physics PhD- Thank you.

Kate Hendry: A-level Physics, Maths and Further Maths  
Improved self confidence


Despite the pressure Arthur faced from his upcoming resits in both Maths and Physics, he was much calmer and more confident than his first attempt at his A levels and achieved good grades to get into York where he is thoroughly enjoying life at university and his theoretical physics course. He enjoyed his tutorials, and felt they were extremely helpful in both helping him to understand the subjects, and improving his self-confidence.

Matt: A-level Physics and Mechanics
From B's and C's to A*


I achieved an A* in all three of my A-level subjects, which I definitely would have not have been able to get without the help of Andrew who tutored me with Physics and the Mechanics 1 module in Maths. My results having been tutored by him were a huge improvement from the Bs I got at Physics AS and the C I got in the Mechanics M1 unit.

Nelu: Undergraduate neuroscience 
very clear


Couldn't have hoped for a better tutor to help me succeed with all the physics sections of my neuroscience degree... very clear, friendly, interesting and excited tutor who made the subject come to life and gave me a clear understating of the theory behind it all. Would not have passed it without Andrew! Couldn't recommend him highly enough.

Emily: A-level Physics
Best tutor ever !


Andrew is simply the nicest, kindest and encouraging tutor you could ask for. Having a daughter who was struggling with confidence and not having scored what she needed at AS we turned to Andrew for help. He nurtured her though the process for A level (which was on the new board basis). His indepth knowledge is so apparent alongside his natural teaching style. If you ask any question (no matter how obscure!) he will be able to answer it and no question is ever a stupid one. With his support our daughter sat her A level exam with confidence ...... and scored the grade she needed to secure her place at a top Russell Group University.

Kieran: GCSE Physics, Chemistry, Maths
and A-level Chemistry
Gained place at medical school


Andrew is a very supportive flexible tutor who has supported my son with Chemistry, Physics and Maths, latterly A2 level Chemistry. His very thorough and good humoured tutoring support ultimately resulted in my son gaining a place to study Medicine.

From India A-level Physics
Interactive and creative.


Whilst studying my A-levels out of school due to full-time sport commitments, Andrew assisted me in covering the Physics syllabus with online Skype tutorials. Even through the webcam Andrew was able to make me see and understand Physics in a more interactive and creative way which no doubt helped me move my grade up when I took my A2 exams. Andrew is a lovely person and to top it all off he has some very cute Terrapins - would recommend him to anyone looking to improve they grades and enjoy Physics more!

From Fin: A-level Physics, Maths and Chemistry
Transformed my school work


Great tutor, very flexible with times and completely transformed my school work. He was also able to teach me everything I needed to know for all three A levels (Maths, Chemistry and Physics). Very knowledgeable in these three subjects learned so much more form him than my teachers at College. Formed a great friendship from the first lesson and was always up beat and positive in every lesson. Could recommend any higher.

From Fridah: A-level Physics
Fantastic person and a lovely tutor.


Andrew, is definitely and amazing tutor, he had helped me understand physics in more depth, and whenever I am struggling in a section he helps me by demonstrating in every single way so that I can understand it more. Also he provides me with further difficult questions because if I can do them with no problem then the exam should be very easy. He is a fantastic person and a lovely tutor.

From Shane Hornsby: A-level Physics

From Grade D to Grade A


“Andrew Tutored a friend and me for around 14 lessons this year after we both underacheived in our january A2 physics exams. I received a D in january and really struggled to understand where the complex points of Physics came from. But within the first couple of weeks of having Andrew, my basic understanding of multiple areas in physics was enhanced greatly. He was extremely helpful, went through things in great detail, but also ensured you understood the basics and made sure everything was clear to you before moving on, no matter how long it took, he made sure you understood it. This was really helpful and made advancing through the topics really easy and clear. Plus he helped to ensure you remembered your learning even after the lesson by sending me multiple question sheets, helpful animations and useful reading resources that really helped to solidfy my knowledge. He made learning really efficient and also gave me a huge confidence boost when i started to grasp areas that i previously couldn't attempt, which helped me to advance easier and i feel i learnt more that i probably needed to pass the course. Needless to say Andrew is an excellent tutor, and i would strongly recommend him to anyone who needs help in the sciences and mathematics, no matter what your level, as he'll ensure you advance at your own pace and ensure you know the stuff, and his lesson planning and organisation of lesson also really helped making the learning easy and quick. But i think my results speak for him, as i got an A in my physics A levels, only several marks off an A-star, and i am now going to Manchester University. Thank You Andrew, you helped get me through this course!”

From Tim: A-level Physics & Maths
The reason for my A*. 


Absolutely fantastic, and I would greatly recommend to friends. Andrew doesn't stop at the standard, dull explanation, he explains the origins of formulae and observations which makes the wider understanding of the subject so much easier, and will review the topics until you are ready to move on. He was helpful not just in physics, but in mathematics and further mathematics to push me along closer to my exam while I was worrying. He is the reason for my A* in physics.

Screen%20Shot%202017 10-03%20at%2011.27.05

From Patricia: A-Level Physics and Maths 
From C to A!


I would definitely recommend Andrew if you are looking for tutor. He tutored my son for 6 months after he was predicted a C at AS. He came out with A, a worthy investment!!!!

That is a sample of the feedback I have received.

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