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Before starting year 13

The summer holiday between year 12 and 13 is a prime chance to forget the details of your learning, or to foster misconceptions that will hinder your progress in year 13.

This course will operate over the course of the summer holidays with weekly sessions starting on Monday the 29th of July and ending on Saturday the 31st of August following this schedule:

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Revise your year 12 content:

29th July – Practical Skills (suitable for AQA, OCR A, OCR B, and Edexcel)
5th August – Waves (suitable for AQA, and OCR A)
15th August – Materials and Mechanics (suitable for AQA, OCR A, and Edexcel)
19th August – Electricity (Suitable for AQA, OCR A and Edexcel)
27th August – Further Mechanics (suitable for AQA, OCR A, and Edexcel)
31st August – Particle Physics (suitable for AQA and Edexcel

All sessions will run at 12pm UK time and will run for between 1 hour and 90 minutes.

Students will be provided with a worksheet after each session comprised of multiple-choice questions and long answer questions focused on that topic. Each worksheet has been hand crafted by our tutors to provide exam style questions which do not cannibalise future exam paper practice.

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Small print:
Individual sessions will be charged at £35 per student or all 6 sessions for £180. Access to sessions must be paid for in advance. One to one tutorials, or small group seminars will be available for those who would like additional help with any of the topics covered. These will be priced subject to demand and provided on a first come first served basis.

Worksheets will be freely available to students of The Online Physics Tutor or made available for purchase from a later date.

Lander  +447449 690051

Lander +447449 690051

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