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However these awards are worthless, and probably scam

These awards companies are an interesting money making scheme. The way seem to work by giving out as many awards as possible and then getting people to buy their cheap tat at highly inflated prices.

I suspect that a new category is invented for every organisation that enters, therefore everyone wins. Potential more money incoming to these scammers

They say they do selection by making you fill in applications stating why you should be given the award, and these are analysed to select appropriate companies. The first time we were entered I did fill in an application. Subsequent times I became more skeptical, so I didn’t fill in the applications and we still won.

Being entered tends to involve them emailing you and you effectively nominating yourself, or they are nominating you by emailing you. Again I suspect they email anyone and everyone.

Maybe there are better awards companies out there. But not these guys, why bother even checking the applications when everyone wins. I have tried to look up lists of winners, but these are hidden, or behind a pay wall. the list are probably so long that showing them would show how worthless the awards are, because if everyone wins, who cares.

These companies might say that there awards are worthwhile, they might even have convinced themselves that they are good. That the publicity that the companies receive from the award helps to grow their business. I call BS on the whole thing, I think any business that pays for these awards is throwing money away. Or they make themselves look bad by falling for a scam that nets them no benefit whatsoever.


Look at what you could have won paid for

if the propect of a Digital certificate for £245 does attact you then how about:

"The ‘Festive Three’ Package: 395 GBP
(each item included would be personalised to feature your company name and award)
1 x Personalised “Luxury” Trophy
1 x Personalised Digital Logo
1 x Personalised Digital Certificate

If the ‘Festive Three’ package isn’t of interest, please be note that we do offer each item separately (see below):

1 x Personalised Luxury Trophy - 325 GBP
1 x Personalised Digital Logo - 245 GBP
1 x Personalised Digital Certificate - 245 GBP

So a physical piece of cheap plastic and or a digital logo or certificate whick cost them almost nothing, maybe a few minutes work to put together for you, it it will ocst over 200 notes. Mental

I think the cost of these things speak from themselves, with a few hundred pounds for a very cheap piecve of plastic. I am not sure why anyone would want one. However, I am sure that if you send enough awards out, someone is bound to bite, as that is how lots of scams operate.

The isn’t as good as my colleague over at the education hotel who despite clearly being an excellent tuition agency won an award as an actual hotel. I also previously won a care award, which I have since lost evidence of, but I will endeavour to find.

For more information on these scam awards please se see this excellent article at the complaining cow

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