Edexcel, A Level
Physics worksheets

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1. Working as a Physicist

2. Forces and Motion

Motion and SUVAT

Work, Energy and Power

CORE PRACTICAL 1: Acceleration of a free fall

3. Electricity

Potential Dividers

EMF internal resistance

EMF internal resistance 2

CORE PRACTICAL 2: Resistivity

CORE PRACTICAL 3: EMF & internal resistance

4. Materials

Material Properties

Drag and Viscosity

CORE PRACTICAL 4:  Viscosity of a liquid.

CORE PRACTICAL 5:  Young modulus 

5. Waves and Particle Nature of Light


Photoelectric effect

Speed Sound 

CORE PRACTICAL 7:  Frequency String or Wire 

CORE PRACTICAL 8: Diffraction from starlight

6. Further Mechanics

CORE PRACTICALS 9 & 10:  Momentum (not available, yet)

7. Electric and Magnetic Fields

CORE PRACTICAL 11:  Capacitors

8. Nuclear and Particle Physics

New Particle Physics

Particle Physics

Particle Accelerators 

9. Thermodynamics

Thermostat (none yet)

CORE PRACTICAL 13:  Specific Heat 

Gas Laws

10. Space

11: Nuclear Radiation

Nuclear Energy

CORE PRACTICAL 15:  Radioactivity

12. Gravitational fields

Gravitational Fields 

Gravitational Fields 2

13. Oscillations

Simple Harmonic Motion

Damping and Resonance

CORE PRACTICAL 16:  Oscillation

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Mr Lander Bennewith MSc PGCE QTS 
with Muqaddim Iqbal and Bisma Khalid

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